Experts and scholars encourage Kunming Area to embrace opportunities in tourism development


In recent years, Yunnan Province has made great efforts to promote the development of all-for-one tourism and achieved positive results. Under this background, can the Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone develop tourism? Is there any advantages? How to develop?

On June 21, Yunnan Tourism Planning Research Institute and Kunming Branch of China Tourism Research Institute organized experts and scholars to discuss the development of tourism industry in the Kunming Area through on-the-spot investigation.


During the investigation, they learned the research and development of essential oil and other health care products in Yunnan Xicao Resources Development Co., Ltd.; they got to know the process of dairy products in Kunming Xuelan Milk Co., Ltd.; they visited pilot training program in Yunnan Dongfang Flight Training Co., Ltd; they felt the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage at Ziyun Qingniao Yunnan Cultural and Creative Expo Park.

“Can Kunming Area make good use of the advantages and figure out a path of tourism development?” All the experts and scholars were thinking about it.


Dou Zhiping, Professor of Kunming University, believed that the Kunming Area should get rid of the traditional way of tourism development and try to develop tourism with a concept of openness and inclusiveness. On the one hand, the Kunming Area should characterize tourism destinations while developing industrial chains. On the other hand, she suggests that the Kunming Area should be endowed the concept of leisure travel and form a whole set of tourism products. In her words, “When people want to take a leisure travel, the Kunming Area come to the mind.”


“It is great if the Kunming Area can integrate existing tourism industry to form a new tourism market.” Lyu Wanqing, a professor at the school of business administration and tourism management of Yunnan University, said the Kunming Area can cooperate with the Dehong Area and the Honghe Area to promote cross-border tourism cooperation. 


Zhu Bowei, president of Kunming Travel Agency Industry Association, advised that the Kunming Area can combine existing tourism resources and its own advantages in other fields.

Tian Furong, dean of the tourism school of Kunming University, said that in terms of development of tourism industry, the Kunming Area can cooperate with universities  in talent introduction and cultivation.


“We should not only to attract the best talent, but also retain it.”Xie Hongzhong, vice president of the school of tourism and hotel management of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, said. He was very optimistic that the Kunming Area will embrace new opportunities and achieve a prosperous future by developing the culture and tourism industry.

Li Jiaxue encouraged the Kunming Area to hold various sports events, such as marathon, orienteering, UAV flight and so on,attracting more and more people.

Liu Jiawei, associate professor of school of horticulture and landscape architecture of Southwest Forestry University, hoped that the Kunming Area can make full use of current policies and build a platform for cultural and tourism exchanges, and the integration between China and South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

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