The First Lao food festival kicks off in Kunming


The first Lao food festival kicked off in Kunming on May 28 and will last until June 30. Lao salads, Lao sausages, Lao vegetable rolls, coconut rice noodles, and other delicacies with distinctive characteristics were presented one by one on the spot.


Laotian people like eating rice, and Lao cuisine is sour, spicy, and raw. This food festival provides people in Kunming with an opportunity to taste Lao cuisine with national characteristics and understand Lao culture without going abroad. On the site, people not only can try Lao delicacies but also admire Lao traditional dance.



It is reported that this event is an offline experience activity of mutual friendship and cultural communications between two countries based on the theme of "building of a China-Laos community with a shared future". This food festival will also generate a lot of buzz for cross-border tourism between China and Laos after the opening of the China-Laos railway tourism.


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