China-Laos Railway brings prominent advantages to Yunnan tourism




Qinghua street in Yuxi city is a new popular destination for tourists. Tourists can not only learn about the history of Yuxi's blue and white porcelain here, but can also taste local specialty snacks in the night market. After the opening of China-Laos Railway, Qinghua street has become more popular than before.

Pu'er tea culture is also famous along the China-Laos Railway. The tea horse road scenic spot and the tea horse tourism town jointly launched some tourism projects like night market and sea of flowers. A walking path was built here so that visitors can appreciate the scenery while exercise.

The holding of COP15 in Kunming has made popular science tourism a new fashion. The Chengjiang Fossil Site World Natural Heritage Museum has also become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Wang Jitao, editor of Nature History magazine, believes that Yunnan has the unique tourism resources and varieties of knowledge-based tourism attractions. With the application of intelligent technology, the ways of popularizing science are more abundant and will give visitors a brand-new travel experience.

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(Editors: Amy, Lexi)

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