Baer's pochards appeared at the south bank of Dianchi Lake

Recently, photographers captured the photos of a male Baer's Pochard at the national wetland park, south of Dianchi Lake in the Jinning District of Kunming. It was the second time to see a Baers pochard since they were first recorded in 2019. Netta rufinas were also observed there.


Baer's pochards are medium-sized ducks distributed in eastern and southeastern Asia. They are an important species in the East Asia-Australasia migration area and breed in the Far East of Russia and east China. Since the 1990s, due to habitat loss, over poaching and other reasons, the population of Baer's pochards dropped sharply. Regarded as "Giant panda" in birds, they were on the endangered species list of IUCN with only about 1000 in the world.


According to the observation of photographers, the environment of the national wetland park in the south of Dianchi Lake has greatly improved. Every year between October and the following March, Baers pochards stop over here for wintering since 2019.

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