Yunnan introduced measures to facilitate foreign talents to work in Yunnan

Recently, Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department issued 10 trial measures to facilitate foreign talents (Category A, B) working in Yunnan, providing more convenience in terms of age limits, academic qualification, work experience and so on.

The Measures mainly target foreign professionals (Category B), including extending the age limits, exempting academic qualifications for some foreign talents, expanding the scope of applicants applying for work permits in the Chinese territory, allowing some foreign college graduates without work experience to directly apply for work permits in the Chinese territory, relaxing work experience requirements for foreign teachers, relaxing the requirement of nationality for English teaching staff, serving foreign innovative and entrepreneurial talents to work in Yunnan, maximizing the duration of work and residence permit, reducing the submission of partial certification materials, opening up channels for foreign high-level talents to come to Yunnan.

For example, the age limit can be relaxed to 65 for innovative and entrepreneurial talents, professional skilled talents and foreign professionals performing inter-governmental agreements. For those skilled talents holding international general vocational skills qualification certificate, meeting the revenue standard and point requirement, there is no academic qualifications. Outstanding international students with bachelor’s degrees of Chinese universities can apply for work permits without the requirement of work experience. Other students who meet the requirements of the Measures can also apply for work permits directly in the Chinese territory. Key support shall be given to legal representatives or investors of high-tech enterprises when they apply for new or extended work permits.

The Measures also optimize a series of procedures, there’s no need to submit several materials. For instance, the application for foreigner work permit notice is exempted from the verification of paper material, and can be verified together with the application for foreigner work permit.

For more details, see the 《外国人才来云南工作便利服务措施十条(试行)》.

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