Kunming fully guarantees people's daily life in quarantined areas


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On Dec. 26, a light rain brought a chill to the Spring City, Kunming. In spite of the cold weather, community's leaders, medical workers and police officers are fussed up and down outside the gate of Languangtianjiao neighbourhood, Chenggong District of Kunming.


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On Dec. 24, Languangtianjiao neighbourhood reported 4 new COVID-19 local cases. It was listed as medium-risk area right away. According to related policy, people living in the second phase of the neighbourhood are not allowed to go out of the door, and those living in the first and the third phase are not allowed to go out of the neighborhood.


[Photo from Xinhua]

“This is a large neighborhood with 10,519 families and 21,000 residents. To guarantee residents’ daily life, community workers are on duty 24 hours,” said Li Hao, an officer of Yingpan community.

“We also set up a temporary medical center in the neighborhood to provide health care to the key crowd,” said Li Ning, an officer of Chenggong District.


[Photo from Xinhua]

Standing outside the gate of Languangtianjiao neighbourhood, you can see staff wearing protective suit were busying in putting rice, oil, vegetables and meat into the neighborhood. Chenggong District has been allocated 5 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of oil, 2 cans meet and 8 kilos of vegetables to each resident in the neighborhood. In addition, 260 volunteers were mobilized to learn about residents’ difficulties by telephone every day.

48-year-old Liu Zhiqing is the director of the 17th building in Langungtianjiao neighborhood II. After the neighborhood is closed, she took the initiative to apply to be a volunteer, who helped staff count supplies, clean up garbage and send food to residents.

Closed to the college town in Chenggong, there are more than 200 examinees who prepared for Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination living in this neighborhood. After the neighborhood was closed, Liu Zhiqing established a WeChat group right away, and contacted with each buildings’ director to get all examinees in touch.

“Don’t worry, you guys put a whole year’s hard effort for this exam, you can certainly attend the exam.” said Liu Zhiqing in the group.

Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination started as scheduled on Dec. 25. On the same day, Chenggong District set up a special examination room in a middle school next to the Languantianjiao neighborhood, which made more than 200 examinees successfully attend the exam.

“Although the neighborhood is temporarily closed, it is not an isolated island”, said Liu Zhiqing.

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