Seven cute baby tigers made their debut in Yunnan

As 2022 Chinese New Year is coming on its way, seven baby tigers made their debut in Yunnan Safari Park on Jan.13. They will meet with citizens around the Spring Festival one after another. 


The baby-care worker and the twin Siberian Tigers. [Photo by Li Zha]

Five of these seven tigers are Siberian Tigers, while two of them are Bengal White Tigers. And three of the Siberian Tigers and two of the Bengal White Tigers are 4 months old and have already started eating meet. Fed with breast milk and nutritive chicken, they are growing with vigor and energy in zoo's nursery in the company of their mother’s since their birth. 


Siberian Tiger mother and its three babies. [Photo by Li Zha]

The other two twin Siberian Tigers are only 2 months old. It’s their mother’s first time to have children and she is not good at feeding her babies yet. To ensure the healthy growth of the tiger babies, they are now raised by zoo’s baby-care workers. The two tigers will parade around the zoo with children who enter for this activity from Jan.20 to Feb.15. These 2 tigers have not been named yet and the zoo will solicit opinions from citizens in Kunming before Chinese New Year.


Bengal White Tiger mother and her babies. [Photo by Li Zha]

It is learned that there will be several celebration activities in Yunnan Safari Park from Feb. 1 to Feb.15. The lantern riddle-guessing gala will set thousands of lantern riddles related to animals. Citizens who guessed riddles would win custom New Year presents. There will also be a wishing bridge besides paths in lion-tiger village where visitors can write New Year's resolution and best wishes down here.  

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