Morels are wedging their way into the market in Kunming


Morel with high nutritional and medicinal values is known as the “king of mushrooms”. It is one of the most desired wild mushrooms in the world. Some farmers in Shidian County of Baoshan City have begun planting morels since last year. With spring right around the corner, the morels are going to ripen. What makes farmers pleased is that morels are popular with consumers from Kunming and other places.



Walking into the morels planting greenhouse, people can see morels growing well from the mud “ridge” down to the sidewall. The whole greenhouse is full of fresh smell of morels.



Qin Shuguo, a technical instructor, was guiding the workers to harvest morels. Qin introduced that morel planting has high requirements for air temperature, air humidity and soil humidity. Local farmers began trial plantation of morel under the guidance of technical departments last year and it turns out that the climate and soil of Shidian County are suitable for the growth of morels. Local farmers had a bumper harvest. “At present, average output per mu has reached about 400 kilograms and the price of 120 yuan per kilogram. ” Qin added. 


In addition, the morel cultivating greenhouse provides left-home women with jobs. They can earn living by planting and harvesting morels while taking care of home. Qin said that locals will further expand the trial planting area depending on circumstances, and strive to enlarge market.

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(Editors: Rachel, Christine)

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