Bougainvillea "Cascade" Amazes Kunming City

In addition to the fresh and purplish-blue jacaranda trees, there are also bougainvilleas blooming wildly along the roads of Kunming in early summer, quietly forming "flower cascades" and attracting locals and tourists to take photos.


Bougainvilleas at the entrance of the North Station Tunnel. 

In May, bougainvilleas enter their blooming season, and it is common to see them on both sides of the roads and in virescence belts in Kunming. The virescence belts on both sides and in the middle of the Kunming-Mohan Expressway are planted with bougainvilleas. They can also be found on Guangfu Road, Danxia Road, Xiaojipo, Cuihu South Road, and in every corner of Kunming.

Although bougainvilleas are very common, the "flower cascades" still amaze people. Searching for the keyword "Kunming bougainvilleas" on the social media App Red yields over 2,300 related posts. Many locals and tourists specifically search for these locations to visit and take photos.

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The blooming bougainvilleas at the intersection of Danxia Road and Yunshan Road.

Among the bougainvillea "cascades," the most representative ones are the bougainvilleas on the white building of Haigeng Dam and the ones on both sides of the meter-gauge railway near the Detaisi bus station in Wuhua District.

At Haigeng Dam, the bougainvillea "cascades" down along the white building for five floors, with purple and white flowers shining beautifully against each other, like a scene in a cartoon. Han Zailin, a student at Yunnan University and photography enthusiast, said, "The five-story bougainvillea 'cascade' is so breathtakingly beautiful that words cannot describe it."

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Photo by Zhao Wei.

At the Detaisi bus station in Lianhua Sub-district, the century-old meter-gauge railway is lined with bougainvilleas in full bloom. One section of the railway is covered with splendid purple and red flowers, attracting many locals and tourists every day. A tourist named Li said, "Kunming has many bougainvilleas, but the combination of the century-old meter-gauge railway adds a unique artistic flavor."

Visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful bougainvillea scenery along the meter-gauge railway here, but also learn about the history of the century-old meter-gauge railway and the development of Kunming's railway construction through the cultural corridor along the railway.

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Photo by Zhao Wei.

The responsible person of Lianhua Sub-district introduced that the bougainvilleas on road bloom naturally every year, with a flowering season from April to October. Locals and tourists are welcome to take photos. At the same time, they also hope that everyone will enjoy the flowers in a civilized manner and pay attention to safety.

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Photo by Lu Mo. 

What other places in Kunming are there to take photos of bougainvilleas?

Building 4, Aolin Apartment

In Kunming's Xinlian Lane, Building 4 of Aolin Apartment has bougainvilleas climbing up the exterior walls, reaching up to the tenth floor. It looks like a splendid purple and red waterfall pouring down from a distance, very spectacular.

Address: 176 Xinlian Lane, Wuhua District, Kunming

Danxia Road

At the intersection of Danxia Road and Yunshan Road in Xishan District of Kunming, bougainvilleas have grown into a flower arch, a popular spot for people to rest. When the wind blows, the flowers fall on chairs and sidewalks, and in no time, the surroundings become a "flower path."

Address: Intersection of Danxia Road and Yunshan Road, Xishan District, Kunming.

Chuixiao Lane

In this quiet alley, bougainvilleas have an extra touch of elegance, blooming quietly.

Address: Chuixiao Lane, Panlong District, Kunming (next to the Panlong District Culture and Tourism Bureau).

Beijing Road, North Station Tunnel

As you exit the North Station Tunnel, you are greeted by the bougainvilleas on both sides of the tunnel in a brilliant red color. At the entrance of the tunnel, the bougainvilleas next to the pedestrian have grown out of the wall, with clusters of flowers weighing down the branches. Walking further, the bougainvilleas in pots on both sides of the overpass are also in full bloom, creating a breathtaking sight.

Address: North Station Tunnel, Panlong District, Kunming.

Changshou Road

The bougainvilleas on Changshou Road are full of clusters of flowers, weighing down the branches of the trees. The bougainvillea branches extend from the residential area to the roads.

Address: 513 Changshou Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Dadong Xincun

At the south gate of Dadong Xincun, bougainvilleas bloom vigorously, decorating the residential area and giving residents a beautiful scenery of summer.

Address: 124 Renmin East Road, Panlong District, Kunming.

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