“Animals eating spring flowers” activity in Yunnan Safari Park


There are two things that must be done during the spring in Yunnan, admiring flowers and eating flowers. Yunnan Safari Park held a special activity called “Animals eating spring flowers” on Mar. 28 to make the animals enjoy the taste of the spring.  

To hold the activity successfully, the park chose the appropriate edible flowers by consulting the veterinarian and combining the animals’ eating habits. There are genista, peanut sprouts, dwarf white bauhinia, Chinese roses, jasmine flowers, sophora flowers and banana blossoms on the menu. According to the park’s staff, some omnivores will also eat these flowers when they survive in the wild. Flowers enrich animals’ daily diet. It not only changes the simple diet of animals but also gives animals supplements of certain vitamins and nutrients.




The ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar usually feed on leaves, flowers, fruits and insects. They particularly enjoy jasmine flowers, dwarf white bauhinia and Chinese roses at the feast of flowers. They sit in a circle and pick up the flowers to eat gracefully.


The Binturongs from jungles usually feed on fruits of plants, bird eggs, small birds and small beasts. Given the characteristic that binturongs like eating bananas, the park feeds them banana flowers. Once binturongs smell the smell of banana flowers, they can’t put it down. 


As for Meerkats, usually known as the archetype of TIMON, the park feed them mealworms and flowers. See how they enjoy the meal with relish. 



There are llamas, sika deers, elks in the grass-fed area, in which their dining table is covered with flowers and grass. You can see llamas and sika deers come to dine with delight.

Why not come to Yunnan Safari Park to go for a walk, maybe something interesting between you and the animals would happen. 

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(Editors: Lexi, Rachel)

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