Animals in Yunnan Safari Park enjoy holiday feast

2020 Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on October 1st, the same day as China National Day. In Yunnan Wildlife Park, staff prepared special customized meals, such as fruits and coarse cereals, for the animals to greeting festivals.



The brown bear is one of the largest land carnivorous mammals. This year, they were given a bunch of watermelons. By using their paws to hold it, their mouth watered and looked satisfied.



White-faced saki is the cutest monkey in the park. It was served with apples and cornflakes to celebrate the festival, as well as the first anniversary of their move to the park. Other monkeys, like white-fronted capuchin and black-capped capuchin, were given unpeeled walnuts and coconuts in order to train them and keep their instinct in mind.



Ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar used to eat moon cakes made of fruits and grains. This year, they had tiny golden pumpkins and juicy red pomegranates. A couple of white rhinoceros got a huge “grass cake” which was made from grass, alfalfa and mixed nutrients. 


“Foods in round shapes symbolized unity and happiness. We have prepared vegetables, fruits and other foods that animals like to make them feel the joy of festivals,” the staff said. As the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming, citizens are all welcomed to Yunnan Safari Park, and celebrate the festival with animals together.

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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