Kunming Surprises You in a Romantic Way

How romantic can a city be? Kunming always surprises you in a romantic way!

There are flowers on the roadside in romantic Kunming. Recently, a giant decoration in the shape of "a bunch of flowers" appeared in the city center.


A few days ago, netizens took a picture of a bunch of flowers big enough to be delivered by truck on the streets of Kunming. Many people commented in a bantering tone that Kunming people have already sent flowers by truck.

The Shuncheng Shopping Center was crowded at night, and the giant flower attracted many people who came to take pictures.


It is understood that this huge bouquet of roses was named "a bunch of flowers for Kunming", which is part of the "GIVE ME A HUG" activity for the Valentine's Day at Shuncheng Shopping Center.

"A bunch of flowers for Kunming" is about 3.2 meters high and 2.7 meters deep. It uses comprehensive materials to make the main body, and simulated flower materials to make the flowers and leaves. At the same time, the bouquet is also designed with lights and bows to simulate the feeling of the bouquet sent out on Valentine's Day.

Cao Jue, head of marketing department of Shuncheng Shopping Mall, said, "A few years ago I found that roses sell especially high on Valentine's Day, even in cities like Kunming. I want to give people something romantic after the pandemic. So we made such giant decoration so that everyone can take a photo with it and feel the romance."

Do people like it? 

That's what I call sending flowers! Those flowers I have sent pale in comparison with this truck of flowers.

There is no doubt that Yunnan people are romantic.

The atmosphere of Valentine's Day is quite strong, and the flowers remind me that Valentine's Day is coming.

I came from other cities. It is great to meet the beautiful flowers since I came to Kunming for the first time. It's very romantic.

I saw the video of truck carrying flowers before. Then we just come to see it and shoot a video. We are also video bloggers and we hope to convey Kunming's expression of Valentine's Day through this video.

This rose decoration has inadvertently brought some tenderness to our city, providing couples or people who fall in love with the city with a place to wander around.


Seeing numerous people coming to take photos makes me feel the sense of happiness. Lovers hand-in-hand walk around the street, making the city a great distination to spend the Valentine's Day.

The city center is decorated with huge rose bouquets, creating growing romance. Of course, Valentine's Day is not only for lovers, but also for everyone who loves life and the city.

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(Editors: Rachel, Christine)

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