Kunming's Lowest Temp. This Weekend is -2°C


Affected by the quasi-stationary front, the temperature in Kunming has fluctuated extremely rapidly in the past two days. From Dec.12th, the temperature fluctuated like a roller coaster.

The sharp drop in temperature on Dec.14th caused many citizens to "shaking to keep warm", then from yesterday to today, the temperature has risen again, but on the weekend, the temperature will drop again, there will be some snow in most parts of Kunming.


According to the weather forecast of the Kunming Meteorological Observatory, it is expected that there will be a strong drop in temperature from east to west in Kunming accompanied by rain and snow from tonight to the 18th. The daily maximum temperature will generally drop by 8°C-10°C, and in some areas it will drop by 12°C-14°C.


The forecast shows that during this time, the lowest temperature in Kunming will be below 0°C, and there will be sleet or light snow in most areas, and moderate snow in the northeastern counties and high-altitude mountainous areas. It is expected that the weather will turn cloudy and the temperature will gradually rise in the afternoon of Dec.19th.


The Meteorological Department reminds, for this round of cooling, people need to prevent the impact of rainfall (snow), low visibility and icy roads on the operation of transportation cities and tourist attractions, pay attention to keep warm, and prevent the effects of icing wires on power supply in high-altitude areas; The frost disaster that may occur on the morning of Dec.19th needs to be prevented in advance, and flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops should be protected from cold and frost.

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