Ice and Snow Festival of Jiaozi Mountain Kicked Off


The 4th Ice and Snow Festival of Jiaozi Snow Mountain kicked off on January 1, 2023 and will last until March.

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80 minutes, from Kunming to Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is more than 160 kilometers away from the urban area of Kunming. With an altitude of 4,223 meters, it is the highest peak in Central Yunnan and the lowest winter snowy mountain in latitude in China. Tourists who love the snow do not need to go out of Kunming, come to Jiaozi Snow Mountain and enjoy the snow-white fairy tale world.

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The newly built Kunming-Tangdian Expressway opened on December 30. From then, it only takes about 80 minutes from Kunming to Jiaozi Snow Mountain via the expressway, which is estimated to save 40 minutes of driving time compared to the original tourist special line.

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Enjoy the picturesque beauty of rime

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is named for its resemblance to a sedan chair placed in the mountains, so it is called "Jiaozi Snow Mountain". It is a typical mountain glacier landscape in Central Yunnan, and is known as "the No.1 mountain in Central Yunnan". During the ice and snow period from November to April of the next year, the mountain is covered with heavy snow, waterfalls are frozen, trees and flowers are dressed in white, rime can be seen everywhere, making the mountain pure and beautiful.

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"You can admire the view of snow on the top of mountain, have fun in the snow on mountainside, and ski at the foot of mountain." In order to meet the needs of different ages of tourists, Jiaozi Snow Mountain is divided into three activity areas according to different altitude. Namely the area above 3,500 meters is for snow appreciation, the area about 3,500 meters is for snow playing, and the area about 3,100 meters is a ski resort.

The mountains above 3,500 meters above sea level are covered with snow and ice. There are rime, snow fields, snow peaks, ice waterfalls, glacial lakes and other landscapes, magnificent and beautiful, suitable for young and middle-aged tourists in good health to climb and hike.

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Joy of winter sports

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has kindled the passion of Chinese people to participate in winter sports, and made the ice and snow tourism popular. If you want to experience the joy of winter sports, skiing is a good choice.

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Sifangjing International Ski Resort, 3,100 meters above sea level, is an indoor and outdoor ski resort covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters. It is mainly composed of primary and intermediate ski runs with a length of 390 meters, which can meet the daily reception capacity of 4,000 people.

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New boards, helmets, snow goggles, ski suits, wardrobes and other equipment can be rented or purchased here. After wearing your ski gear, you can start skiing under the guidance of a professional instructor who will give one-on-one demonstrations and instruction.

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