Rescue workers escorted tourists out of the snow mountain in Yubeng Village


Yubeng Village, Deqin County, has been described by backpackers as "the last pure land nature has left to humans." Attracted by its fame, tourists worldwide come to travel during the festival and holidays.


The snow continued to fall during the Spring Festival, tourists across the country came to hike in the mountain to see snow. However, more than 40 tourists were trapped when crossing Meri Snow Mountain and Nilong Valley due to the heavy snow, chilly wind, and cliffs.


On Feb. 6, the fire and rescue brigade in Deqin County, associated with the emergency department and the police, escorted tourists out of the snow mountain during the whole journey.



2 rescue workers from Yubeng Village and local villagers escorted tourists to the halfway aid spot. Other 3 rescue workers and 3 local emergency personnel who departed from the county got to the aid spot and relayed to escort them out of the mountain. The rescue workers scouted the way ahead and reminded visitors to look out at all times. To prevent any tourists from falling behind, the rescue workers cleared icy, slippery, and steep places and supported them to pass safely.


After 5 hours' arduous march, more than 40 tourists were safely escorted to the designated location. In the heavy snowstorm, such a group of lovely people emanated warmth silently!

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