Snow scenery of Yulong Mountain draws crowds in summer


[InKunming--Yunnan]  Lijiang City ushered in a continuous rainy season with the calendar having turned its pages to June. The temperature in the city was going a little bit down because of the one-week raining weather. It's remarkable that the low temperature brought some snowflakes to the upper part of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain) during the night of June 4th.


Although the snow stopped in the morning of June 5th, buildings and roads of the Glacier Park were covered with white snow, like wearing white yarns, which surprised coming tourists. For the sake of visitors' safety, working staff began sweeping the snow when they got up on June 5th.


It is not unusual for people to experience rainy days in Lijiang City and admire snow landscapes in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the same time. "Only if there is a continuous rain in city for a few days, snowflakes would like to visit Yulong Mountain. Sometimes, people could enjoy four seasons' sceneries here." Miss Zhang, a tour guide said.


Glacier park meanwhile informed that the amount of visitors to the Park is limited at almost 10,000 people each day and only 10,000 tickets for taking the ropeway daily were sold from May 22nd,2018.

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