SCO Kunming Marathon to Start on Mar. 26

The SCO Kunming Marathon 2022 will start at 9:00 a.m. on March 26, 2023 at the bank of Dianchi Lake.


The press conference of SCO Kunming Marathon.

The Marathon includes three race courses, Men's Marathon and Women's Marathon, Men's Half Marathon and Women's Half Marathon, and SCO run (5km). It is divided into three groups, international group, professional group and public group. There will be 10,000 participants for the race, including 5,000 for Full, 2,000 for Half, 3,000 for SCO Run. This year's Marathon will start and finish at Yunnan Haigeng Conference Hall, through Guanjing Road, Hongta West Road, Hongta East Road, Xingti Road, Hubin Road, and Huanhu Road.

As a classic track along the Dianchi Lake, the Marathon integrates the natural scenery and economic development of Kunming. The race course faces the vast Dianchi Lake to the south, the famous historical and cultural city, Kunming, to the north, and the famous Xishan Scenic spot to the west, with the scenery of the lake and the mountains incomparable. Along the way, there is Haigeng Dam, a best place for gull-watching, a plateau sports training base, a low-carbon, ecological, environmentally friendly and multi-functional international convention and exhibition center, the largest fresh cut flower trading market in Asia, and lakeside ecological wetland parks.

In order to guarantee the event, there will be 230 referees, 25 supply stations, 15 groups of spray and cooling stations, nearly 10,000 police and security personnel, and about 1,600 volunteers. In addition to epidemic prevention and control measures, it will also set up 22 medical stations, 41 medical points and 25 ambulances along the race course, with a total of 180 doctors and nurses, more than 50 medical aid teams and mobile AED, more than 50 physician runners and more than 330 medical observers.

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Medals display.

The registration started from 10:00 on December 31, 2022, and will last until 22:00 on January 31, 2023. Participants can log in the Shuzi Xindong (数字心动) APP and Malamala (马拉马拉) APP to register.

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