Mascot and medals of 2018 China-Myanmar Intl Marathon released


[InKunming--YunnanOn December 31, 2018 China-Myanmar Ruili-Muse International Marathon will be held on China-Myanmar border by both Chinese and Myanmarese governments. 


Songwriter Ma Hui is introducing anthem on the site.

The marathon connects Ruili and Mujie, linking the road from China to Myanmar. Around 7,500 athletes from 19 countries and regions participated in the marathon last year and over 5,000 athletes both ran in China and Myanmar during the marathon, according to Dehong Prefecture government, Chinese provincial-level government. 


Hou Sheng, the director of Dehong Prefecture, gives a speech on the  marathon’s news conference.

Hou Sheng, director of the Dehong Prefecture, introduced that to hold such a marathon is to meet China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative, strengthening relationships between Yunnan, China and Myanmar. 


Medals of the marathon are displayed.

Anthem, mascot and medals of the marathon were released in Kunming on December 9. Either the anthem or the mascot and medals include Chinese and Myanmarese elements.  


Image of Mascot Fei Fei is released on the marathon’s news conference.

Both Chinese and Myanmarese characters are caved on the medals of the marathon, representing eternal friendship between China and Myanmar. Travelers who are interested in the marathon are welcomed to join the marathon and appreciate the beauty of landscape on the site.

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