Over 3,000 athletes attended 2nd Anning Pear Flowers Marathon


[InKunming--Kunming] In the early morning of March 9, the 2nd Anning Pear Flowers Marathon officially kicked off at Bajie and Xianjie of Anning City. More than 3000 athletes from 11 countries participated in the marathon, enjoying a good time in the pear flower forest.


At 8 a.m. on March 9, the opening ceremony was held and locals staged beautiful folk dances. At 9 o'clock sharp, all the participants begun to compete in five different races with a gunshot.


There were full marathon, half marathon, parents and kids running (2.5km), happy running (5km), and health running (10km) arranged in the competition. After a series of hard fought matches, Ma Liangwu won the men's full marathon champion with the record of 2 hours 56 minutes and 47 seconds .


In an interview, Ma Liangwu said that he seldom participated in domestic marathons recent years. The reason why he chose this marathon is that he thought the unique scenery beside the race track. He hopes to participate in the Australian Gold Coast Marathon this year.


Daniel Landskroener, an American who has lived in Kunming for 2 years won the champion of men’s half marathon within 1 hour 28 minutes and 55 seconds. He has been running since he was 11 years old. “It is my first time to run in Anning Pear Flowers Marathon and I am so glad. It is difficult but interesting to run in pear flower track.” He added.


In the women's marathon, the champion of full marathon went to Yuan Luzhu with a record of 3 hours 27 minutes and 33 seconds while the champion of half marathon went to Long Yunhong with a record of 2 hours 4 minutes and 58 seconds. 


It is the first full marathon in Anning city's history. All the athletes received a completion certificate made of bamboo slips and had a nice meal as well.

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