A date with beautiful autumn in Diqing

Stellera chamaejasme is turning red

In the mid-autumn, you may have an intense feeling of autumn in Shangri-La, high on the plateau.



Napa Lake in Shangri-La city, the fiery flower sea of stellera chamaejasme, adds a touch of romance to autumn. This beautiful scene attracted many tourists and photographers to take photos or shoot videos. As these works of stellera chamaejasme went viral on social media after being posted online, Napa Lake has become a must-go place for travelers. (Photo by Song Xuebao)


The stellera chamaejasme in the section of Xiaozhongdian township of Shangri-La City of National Highway 214 is gradually turning red. A herd of yaks scattered on the green and red grassland decorated a beautiful picture of autumn scenery. (Photo by Luosangyangzong)

Mid-autumn made camping more popular

The clear and refreshing autumn weather increased people’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Camping has become a popular choice for the youth.




During the Mid-Autumn Festival, groups of youngsters gathered and set up camping tents in the mountains around Shangri-La City. In the evening, they sang while having a barbecue in the backdrop of lights from nearby camping tents and city neon lights in the far distance. (Photo by Luosangyangzong)

Yubeng Village has become increasingly popular

This autumn, if I am not in Yubeng Village, I will be on the way to Yubeng Village......



During the Mid-Autumn festival and Teachers'Day, there were a great many visitors who come to Yubeng scenic areas in Deqing County. (Photo by Jiangchu)

Enter the village to view autumn scenery

Autumn is a season of harvest with pleasant weather. It is wonderful for people to enter the village in the countryside to experience this beautiful ever-changing, and vibrant autumn scenery.



(Photo by Larongzhuima)

You would not really understand the meaning of “Shangri-La” without physically visiting this place. Come here to have a date with the beautiful autumn in Shangri-La before the autumn goes away.

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