Yunnan to revive cultural tourism industry

The 2022 China International Travel Mart will be held from July 22 to 24 at the Kunming Dianchi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Yunnan will actively take advantages of travel resources and policies to revive its consumer market.

Beautiful Yunnan

The beauty of Yunnan is universally recognized because of its diversities. Firstly, there are three different climate zones in Yunnan: tropical zone, temperate zone, and frigid zone. Secondly, Yunnan is a world-renowned "Plant Kingdom", "Animal Kingdom", "World Garden" and "Treasure Trove of Biological Genes". Thirdly, the Yunnan ethnic minority Naxi, their Dongba script is the only "living" hieroglyph in the world, and the minority Hani, their dance is known as "the tap dance of the East". Fourthly, there are 429 A-Level Tourist Attractions in Yunnan, 16 National and Provincial Historical and Cultural Cities, 38 Historical and Cultural Villages, and 708 villages are included in the List of Traditional Chinese Villages.

Safe Yunnan

Yunnan has made every effort to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and to revive tourism. At the beginning of the year, Yunnan took the lead in introducing some measures to help the tourism industry. Meanwhile, Yunnan takes advantages of tourism resources to cultivate and create new business formats and new products for healthy tourism to meet the needs of tourists.

Cozy Yunnan

An app called "Go-Yunnan" can help you check in by scanning face, rent cars online, guide you to your destination and so on. In addition, Yunnan has launched two epidemic-specific travel insurances, which can not only help tourism companies share business risks, but also make tourists feel safe when traveling, and boost consumption confidence in the tourism market. Traveling in Yunnan, the journey will be comfortable, convenient and happy!

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