Kangba culture to be presented on 2018 China International Travel Mart



[InKunming--Yunnan] Before the opening of 2018 China International Travel Mart, “Charming Kangba” traveling promotion meeting was held in Shanghai on November 15, which was jointly organized by Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê, Changdu City, Yushu Autonomous Prefecture and Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The meeting aimed to present rich tourism resources and splendid Kangba culture by staging wonderful performances. 


“Shangri-La in winter is like a dreamy “utopia” where people can enjoy a great time, such as seeing sunrise at Meili Snow Mountain, watching birds near Napa Lake, admiring scenery at Balog Zon and etc..” According to Zeng Rongsheng, the vice governor of Diqing Prefecture.


In fact, there are different views all year round in Diqing. In spring, trees sprout and green grass come around; in summer, various flowers bloom everywhere, presenting a colorful sight; in autumn, leaves turn into yellow and fall with wind; in winter, heavy snow hits the ground.


Based on abundant tourism resources, Diqing Prefecture has taken measures to promote tourism products, making full use of cultural characteristic of Tibetan people. In this way can tourists enjoy a full day travelling services. 

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(Editors: Rachel,Christine)

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