Tricholoma Matsutake Festival kicked off in Shangri-La

On July 4, the 2022 Jidi Tricholoma Matsutake Festival opened in the grassland of Jidi Village, in Jiantang Town, Shangri-La City, Diqing Prefecture. 


At the site of the matsutake festival, there were various activities bringing a feast of Shangri-La's special local culture to the guests and people who came to the event. For example, auction activities of matsutake, ethnic culture, display of poverty alleviation products and local food experience, etc. 


At the auction event of the first batch of marketed tricholoma matsutake, various sizes and different grades of matsutakes were exhibited through the online and offline sales channels, and guests participated in the auction with enthusiasm. The auction further expanded the sales channels of matsutakes and the benefits of holding this festival.

Exhibition areas of intangible cultural heritage and ethnic culture were set up to display masterpieces made by inheritor of intangible cultural heritage and handicraftsmen such as traditional Tibetan murals, Tibetan carpet and ethnic clothes, and to encourage tourists to take part in the local activities, including painting thangka, weaving baskets, etc.  


Other exhibition areas of poverty alleviation products took the stage for enterprises to display their products. It aimed at building a bridge between buyers and sellers, bolstering related industry under the framework of rural vitalization. 


In the food area, tourists could taste wild mushrooms, local snacks, butter tea, Tibetan hot pot and other dishes, which gives them further experience of local products.

During the festival, tourists could also join in mushroom-picking activity and appreciate the scenery along the countryside tour route. Through activities such as picking, hiking and sight-seeing, the large market of rural tourism in Gidi Village has seen a bright future, which also helps villagers find ways to increase their income and become rich.

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(Editors: Evan, Rachel)

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