Aerial view of "wild mushroom garden" in Yunnan

In midsummer, the clouds and mist drift trough the "wild mushroom garden" in Miheimen Village, Wujie Town, Nanhua County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Some tricholoma matsutakes grow out of soil and throve after the rain.

Known as the "Hometown of Tricholoma Matsutake and Ecological Yi Garden", Wujie Town with a forest coverage rate of 71% is rich in wild fungus resources, mainly in tricholoma matsutake. Miheimen Village became the main producing area of tricholoma matsutake for its high yield and superior quality. The output of wild mushrooms reached 1,450 tons worth of 79.5 million yuan while the output of tricholoma matsutake reached 160 tons worth of 37 million yuan in 2021. (Fan Fangyu, Lai Yunfeng, Xu Yunfei)


An aerial photo taken on July 29 shows the "wild mushroom garden". [Photo/Lai Yunfeng]


An aerial photo taken on July 29 shows green hills in the "wild mushroom garden". [Photo/Lai Yunfeng]


Tricholoma matsutake. [Photo/Fan Fangyu]

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