All kinds of ethnic and folk performances on stage in Diqing


Speaking of folk songs and dances in Diqing, the first thing coming to mind would be Jiantang Guozhuang dance, Nixi Romantic dance, Naxi Yalili, Lisu Achimugua and so on...


Since July, the intangible cultural heritage performance team from Diqing has been singing and dancing at Yueguang square in Old Town of Dukezong, drawing a lot of attention.


In recent years, in order to implement the strategy of promoting Diqing Prefecture with culture, establish the national-level cultural and ecological preservation experimental area and promote the brand of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture has carried out regular ethnic and folk performances. Up to 10 ethnic representative teams including Tibetan, Naxi and Lisu took turns to show the diverse singing and dancing cultures in Diqing, becoming a beautiful scenery to build the world “Shangri-La” brand.

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(Editors: Ines, Christine)

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