Shangri-La waits for tourists to discover its amazing beauty


Potatso National Park [Photo/Ping Cuo]

[InKunming--Yunnan] Admiring sunrise and sunset landscape at Meili Snow Mountain, enjoying quiet good time at Yubeng village, observing various rare birds around Napa Lake... From September to December this year, photographers and tourists can go to the beautiful Shangri-La to take pictures and enjoy the enchanting autumn scenery.


Shangri-La-Xiaozhongdian [Photo/Peng Jiansheng]

It is said that Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture launches a global tourism scheme to guarantee that there are different travel lines in all year round. For instance, there was a rhododendron journey in May and a matsutake journey in July. Recently, there is a photographic journey.


Songzanlin Lamasery [Photo/Li Donghong]

During the ongoing photographic journey, several scenic spots will provide tourists with some discounts. Namely, if you are members of Chinese Photographers Association and Yunnan Photographers Association, you can just pay half the ticket price to Meili Snow Mountain and so on by showing your membership card.


Yunnan snub-nosed monkey [Photo/Xiao Lin]

Most importantly, 6 traveling routes are highly recommended during the photographic journey. People can try local cuisine, admire folk customs while traveling around. Here comes some details of six traveling routes.


Meili Snow Mountain [Photo/Peng Jiansheng]

No.1: Shangri-La - Deqin Feilai Temple (德钦飞来寺)- Tibet salt well - Feilai Temple - Shangri-La;

No. 2: Shangri-La-Xiaozhongdian (小中甸)-Potatso National Park;

No.3: Shangri-La -Tacheng(塔城)-Kangpu(康普)-Deqin(德钦)-Balog Zon (巴拉格宗)- Shangri-La;

No.4: Shangri-La - Potatso National Park -Sanbabaidi (三坝白地) -Baishuitai (白水台) -Tiger Leaping Gorge -Shangri-La;

No.5: Shangri-La  Shangri-La- Deqin(德钦) -Baima Snow Mountain- Feilai Temple (飞来寺)/Nanjieluo (南姐洛) -Badi Countryside (巴迪乡) -Tacheng(塔城)- Shangri-La;

No.6: Shangri-La- Benzilan (奔子栏) -Deqin Feilai Temple (德钦飞来寺)- Cizhong (茨中) -Tacheng(塔城) -Shangri-La.

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