Dongchuan red land: the overturned palette by God


Red is a vibrant color that stands out with passion. Dongchuan red land, one of the swaths of land painted red with the divine palette, attracting people’s attention.


Under the backdrop of blue sky, white clouds, and ever-changing sun lights, Dongchuan red land takes on fabulous and colorful scenes. If you view this incredible red land from above, the scenery seems like the scarlet clouds left on the earth.



Among the endless chains of greenish-black mountains, there are layers of rice terraces stretching far into the distance and several country trails with a few villagers passing by. Standing on the top of mountains, you would see scattered villages and breathtaking beautiful red land. 


Dongchuan red land scenery is regarded as the most magnificent red land besides the one in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, with its unique characteristics.

Red land is quite rare on the earth because it needs special conditions. Under the warm and damp environment, the iron in the soil is slowly deposited, which is the main cause of red earth. The shade of red land varies according to the changing weather and temperature.


“I find the face of vernal wind with ease; Myriads of reds and violets reveal only spring.” These verses are from Zhu Xi’s poem “A Spring Day.” You may find another possibility of red in this poetry with the beauty of Dongchuan red land. 



Dongchuan red land could be a perfect epitome and interpretation of colorful Yunnan with its mesmerizing colors, lines, and lights of grandeur plateau scenery.


Dongchuan red land is located in Xintian town, 40 kilometers away from the Dongchuan district of Kunming City. There is a place called “Huashitou” with the most typical, characteristic, and concentrated red land in Yunnan. 


The best time to go to Dongchuan red land is in January, May, September, and November when you can take amazing photos of red lands. In January, you may see the wonderful snowy red land scenery.

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