Explore Dongchuan Mudslides Observation Station

An interview team consists of journalists and photographers visited the Jiangjiagou Mudslides Museum (蒋家沟泥石流博物馆) in Dongchuan District(东川区), to explore the Dongchuan Mudslides Observation Station conducted by Chinese Academy of Sciences, on July 23.

Jiangjiagou Mudslides Museum is the biggest mudslides museum around the world, which has the biggest alluvial fan caused by mudslides throughout the world.

The dry muds are as endless as riverbeds.(Photo/ Chen Minggui)


A woman mows in a hill. (Photo/ Chen Minggui)

Dongchuan has adopted a method which combined biological combination and engineering management together to control the mudslides in recent years. On the one hand, vigorously growing vegetation protects mountain stones. On the other hand, building protective walls in loose soils reduces the damage of mudslides. Ten thousand mu farmlands have been cultivated in landslide areas and experimental stations have been set up, thus preliminary controlled mudslides’ hazards.

Two donkeys in a hill.(Photo/ Chen Minggui)
Built in 1961, the Dongchuan Mudslides Observation Station is located in the downstream of the Jiangjiagou Mudslides Museum, and conducts researches about mudslides’ theoretical basis, mudslides reduction technology.

The station has made great contribution in protecting the source of Yangtze River, and providing scientific basis for national disaster reduction and ecological environment construction.

A woman washes cloth by a stream. (Photo/ Chen Minggui)

A dilapidated house. (Photo/ Wu Shanrong)

A photogragher in front of a field test site of mudslides. (Photo/ Wu Shanrong)

A test of mudslides. (Photo/ Wu Shanrong)

Jiangjiagou Mudslides Museum is the biggest mudslides museum around the world(Photo/ Chen Minggui)

A alluvial fan caused by mudslides. (Photo/ Chen Minggui)

A woman from a nearby village struggles to dig up a small piece of land covered by mudslides. (Photo/ Wu Shanrong)

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