Songzanlin scenic area opens with half-price tickets


According to the Cultural Tourism Bureau of Diqing, Songzanlin scenic area of Shangri-la, which has the largest and most distinctive Tibetan gelug school buddhist temple in Yunnan and known as the "little Potala palace" , has resumed as of April 1, after being closed for more than two months due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The opening hours of Songzanlin scenic area are from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and the spot is offering 50% discount on its tickets (excluding bus tickets and interpretation fee). Visitors are required to register with their real names and show their ID cards or other valid documents when buying tickets. Before scanning to enter, they are also required to take temperature measurement, wear masks and show Health QR code.

Medical workers who can show the valid certification can visit free. Details about other people enjoy preferential policies are in the table below.


Children under 7 years old (including 7 years old) or 1.2 meters in height (including 1.2 meters) will enjoy free tickets.


Minors between the ages of 7 (excluding 7) and 18 (including 18) can have half-price tickets.


Full-time undergraduates or below with valid certification can enjoy half price.

The elderly

1. Admission is free for those aged 70 or above.

2. People aged between 60 and 70 can have half-price tickets.

The disabled

The disabled with disability card and ID card can visit free.

Model workers

For model workers at or above the provincial level, a copy of the certificate  and a valid ID card will be available free of charge.


Admission is free for active servicemen, disabled servicemen, retired cadres and retired non-commissioned officers with valid certificates.

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