Encounter red maples all over mountains in Zhaotong

From October 26 to November 11, Zhaotong’s Xiaocaoba scenic area will hold the 1st Colorful Maple Leaf Festival. Not only amazing autumnal scenery, there will be a variety of food, agricultural products, interesting activities, photography competition, bonfire party and so on.


Xiaocaoba is in Yiliang county of Zhaotong City, and covers a total area of 163 square kilometer, within which has various rare animals and plants. Over 1,200 species of plants can be found here, as well as 96 species of wild vertebrates. It has different styles of scenic spots, and is an ideal place to admire flowers, waterfalls, maple leaves and snow in seasons.


Yiliang county will organize the opening ceremony of maple festival which is also a benefit classical concert on October 26. Popular stars and singers will be invited to give a top audio-visual event for audience, letting all the people enjoy a great time together in this beautiful autumn.

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