Xinping County to celebrate flower admiring festival on March 11th

[InKunming--Yunnan]  An amazing flower admiring festival will kick off in Xinping County,Yuxi City, Yunnan Province on March 11th. Tourists can not only appreciate flowering cherry and azaleas, but also participate various activities such as hiking, orienteering, etc.

Under the theme of "looking for your own cherry", this flower festival will last from March to May. At present, cherries usher their show time so that the whole mountain is teemed with colorful buds. The blossoming period of cherries is just ten days. Shortly after that, rhododendrons will blossom one after another until the coming of May.

In addition, the annually largest gluttonous feast will be held then. Thousands of visitors and local citizens will share the dinner time together. What's more, hundreds of people will sing a toast song to express their happiness. Sorts of dancing performances and merchandising activities for selling tourism goods will be launched then. Those who interest in handicrafts such as bamboo, pottery, embroidery and the like could go and select what they like.

seeing flowers and tasting delicacies could drive fatigue away. Private cars owners could take a trip in Ailao Mountain, Mopan Mountain and Honghe Valley all year round. The distance between Kunming City and Xinping County is about 180 kilometers. People can first drive to Yuxi City and then pass the Kunmo Expressway and Provincial Rd 306 to the destination. On the other side, citizens can directly go to Xinping County by taking coach at Southern Bus Terminal.

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