Director of A Bite of China thumbs up for Kunming’s food market



Speaking of Chinese food documentaries, Chen Xiaoqing is definitely the core person who cannot be missed. He is the director of A Bite of China, season 1 and 2. He is fond of Yunnan food, and highly praised Yunnan, especially Kunming Zhuanxin food market, in a show recently.


In Chen’s words, you must go to the local food market so that you can get well known about the city. Through his description of Zhuanxin food market, it is easy to tell that he is really into the city and the food here. 



“It’s a big market. People sell flowers before the dawn, and sell various vegetables and seafood all the day.” Chen introduced, “there are all kinds of weird things that you've never seen before.” The reason why Zhuanxin has so many delicious food is that Yunnan has unique environment and regional features.



A large number of netizens also agree with Chen’s opinion, and give highly evaluation, “Zhuanxin food market is as mysterious as a riddle.”


Indeed, Zhuanxin is a good place to catch all the delicious Yunnan food. It is a condensed version of Yunnan, where all the delicacies are gathered. It was put into use in 1988, which means something special to many people in Kunming. Such a market is full of passion for life. Buying some fresh vegetables and pot-stewed meat has become a part of Kunming locals’ life everyday.

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