Touched by exotic food in Kunming

The first stop: Japan   

A dish called Fully Laden With Riches []  

A dish called Mango Tango []

Private Cuisine of Yin is considered to be the first Japanese private cuisine by many foodies in Kunming. It is located in a residential area at the No.110 in Luofeng Street.

Yang Yin is the shopkeeper as well as the cook. According to Yin, good cuisines should be excellent in both tastes and appearances.

The minimum consumption is 160 yuan per capita. And 260 yuan or 360 yuan per capita are also optional there.

The second stop: Vietnam

Vietnam rolled rice-made wrapper []

There is an authentic Vietnam snack shop upheld by many foodies in Kunming. Hidden in Yongchang residential community at a crossing of Dianchi Road, the restaurant is opened by a Vietnamese for over 20 years.

Almost all kinds of Vietnam snacks are provided there and made by the shopkeeper himself. People usually line up at 5 p.m. in the shop. All snacks may sell out around 7 p.m. About 20 to 30 yuan will be costed for a two-person feast.

The third stop: Italy

Italian roast beef steak []

Caba La is an Italian style restaurant in Kunming, which has two braches respectively in the south hall of Zhengyifang Shopping Center and the First Town of South Asia.

The restaurant is popular for its elegant environment, authentic Italian foods, and reasonable prices. Full sets of Italian foods are provided there, including appetizers, soup, pastas, pizzas, entrees and desserts. The charge is generally about 20 yuan per person in shares.

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