China's Yunnan adds 750-MW wind power project

This aerial photo taken on May 16, 2023 shows wind turbines of Honghe Yongning wind farm in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province. (Yunnan Provincial Energy Investment Group/Handout via Xinhua)

The first batch of wind turbines in Honghe Yongning wind power plant, southwest China's Yunnan Province, were connected to the grid on Tuesday.

The plant is a newly-built wind power project with Yunnan's largest per-unit installed capacity (6.7 megawatts) among the wind power projects approved at one time in the province, said Yunnan Provincial Energy Investment Group.

With a total investment of 4.7 billion yuan (about 674 million U.S. dollars), the power plant, located in Yunnan's Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, is built to have a total installed capacity of 750 megawatts.

The project is scheduled to set up 118 wind turbine units, three 220-kV booster stations and more than 500 km of circuits.

When fully connected to the grid, the project is expected to provide about 1.9 billion kilowatt-hours of green power to the province every year, the group said.

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