China's per capita share of grain at 483 kg

China's per capita share of grain reached 483 kg in 2021, higher than the internationally recognized security line of 400 kg, the country's agriculture official said Monday.

China's grain output has exceeded 650 billion kg for seven consecutive years, achieving basic self-sufficiency in grain and absolute security in staple food, Deng Xiaogang, vice minister of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, said at a press conference.

Over the past decade, China has seen significant improvements in its agricultural infrastructure and ensured its farmland area remains above the redline of 1.8 billion mu (about 120 million hectares).

Accumulatively a total of 900 million mu of high-standard farmland had been fostered.

In 2022, China aims to develop 6.67 million hectares of high-standard farmland, promote national projects on black soil protection, and launch the third nationwide soil condition census.

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