Preserved fresh flower:A new industry in Yunnan Province


After classifying, decolorizing, dyeing and drying, a rose that will never fade is made. This is preserved fresh flower, a member of the flower industry in Yunnan Province. This kind of flower has longer shelf life than fresh cut flower and a better appearance than dried flower.


Preserved fresh flowers that are drying


Preserved fresh flowers


Preserved fresh flowers that are drying

The secrets of preserved fresh flowers

Preserved fresh flower looks like exactly as fresh cut flowers. What’s the procedure of making it? Some people may regard preserved fresh flowers as dried flowers. Actually they are different varieties. Replacement fluid is used to replace the water in the flower when making preserved fresh flower, so that flowers’ color and shape are able to remain for a long time. After the procedure of fixing, decolorizing, dyeing and drying, the flowers are made to preserve for a long time. 

It takes more than a month to produce preserved fresh flowers from the beginning of picking up flowers. Decolorizing is the longest part of the whole process. Flowers can turn into all kinds of fancy colors after decolorizing.

The meaning of making preserved fresh flowers

Petals of dried flowers are dry and hard, while preserved fresh flowers are soft and vivid, preserving the touch of fresh cut flowers. In addition, people can avoid symptoms such as pollen allergy because there’s no pollen in preserved fresh flowers. Except for giving as gifts, preserved fresh flowers are also used to decorate venues and wedding ceremonies.

It is understood that preserved fresh flowers that used as indoor decoration can preserve for five to six years. They can preserve longer as they are sealed and kept away from ultraviolet light and moisture. In a word, preserved fresh flowers have its own market as the flower has high value in ornament and can preserve for a long time.


Fix and dye roses



Preserved fresh flowers can preserve for a long time

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