Shangri-La plants 2,200 hectares of traditional Chinese medicine

In recent years, Shangri-La has taken full advantage of natural resources, accelerated the upgrading of the industrial structure of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and guided farmers to develop the cultivation of TCM materials. At present, the planting area of TCM materials has amounted to 2,200 hectares.

Shangri-La made full use of the advantages of the small loan for poverty alleviation through the industrialization of agriculture, made reasonable layout and overall planning, and realized the large-scale, industrialized and beneficial TCM industry through the government's support and guidance. Shangri-La adhered to the "government guidance, farmers voluntary, adjust measures to local conditions, reasonable layout, scale development, demonstration, improve business efficiency, and promote income" in driving principle, effectively promote the development of TCM industry.

In addition, Shangri-La actively supported farmers to develop various forms of professional cooperative economic units. Under the guidance of the government, it adopted the development mode of "enterprise + base + peasant household" with TCM materials processing enterprises. Due to its good planting technology and high quality, Shangri-La is favored by various merchants. TCM planting has developed into a characteristic industry to promote local economic development and increase farmers' income.

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(Editors: Christine, Amy)

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