China-Laos Railway facilitates the export of Yunnan agricultural products


In a production workshop of Tonghai Plateau Agriproducts Co., Ltd, workers were skillfully sorting snow peas, peanuts, and other seasonal vegetables. Small boxes of household vegetables were quickly packaged on the production line, ready for being transported abroad by China-Laos freight trains.


The operation of the China-Laos Railway opens up a new opportunity for expanding the international market to export Yunnan plateau-featured agricultural products. On Dec 4, 100 tons of fresh vegetables in small packages arrived in Thailand on the first China-Laos freight train. The railway not only improves the freshness of agricultural products, but also saves the cost and time during transportation, and brings an advantage of both quality and price, making Yunnan fresh vegetables competitive in the international market.  


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(Editors: Ines, Lexi)

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