Sounds of Nujiang in Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo 2021

Produced by Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, a public benefit activity called “Symphony of the Earth—The Sounds of Peace and Harmony, Gaoligong·Nujiang” was released in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 27. 


Sounds in “Symphony of the Earth” were collected by explorer Jin Feibao and his team. They traveled all over Nujiang in almost three months to collect a large number of sounds of nature and peoples. They intend to show the great ecological environment of Nujiang and its happy social life after it was lifted out of poverty.

“I have been to Nujiang several times and what impressed me most are songs and dances of Lisu people. They express their passion for life by singing and dancing. We want to show people an original Nujiang by means of audio-only way, and to make people realize the beauty of nature and humanity in Nujiang”, said Jin Feibao.


The exhibition hall was decorated by plants that are representative of Gaoligong ecology and was equipped with independent playback devices playing 16 different kinds of sounds. People are able to hear the sound of reading in the classroom, sound of fireplace in the village, sound of harvest in the field and so on.


“These 16 kinds of sounds are just the tip of the iceberg in Nujiang. We will go back to Nujiang again to collect sounds of four seasons. Following these sounds, we hope people could go to Nujiang by themselves and to participate in biodiversity conservation together,” said Jin.

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