First class national protected takins are seen in Yunnan’s Nujiang


[InKunming--YunnanThe Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve (GNNR)is a protected area comprising the Gaoligong Mountains and the nearby Nu Jiang Reserve in Yunnan Province. In addition to Nujiang river golden monkey, there is another national protected species, the takins, which were taken close-up photos by Yunnan Nujiang Forestry Public Security on the waterfront of Dulong river recently.


According to the forest police, the takins were found on the riverside when they came down from the path in Gaoligong mountain on August 14. “A total of 11 takins were drinking and resting by the river. We were watching from the 50-meter away bushes.” Huang Yinquan, a police officer from the GNNR. One of the takins was particularly alert and gave warning signals to companions when people closed to them.

This is not the first time to take these photos of takins. On August 9 and July 19, a group of takin was also photographed. These archives will be of great significance in further studying the living habits of takin and establishing a protective system for takin.


Takins live in the high altitude mountain cliff area. They are big in shape and fierce in temperament. An adult takin weighs 250kg to 400kg. It even is regarded as national animal in Bhutan. There are 12 takin populations in Dulong river area which is one of the main distribution areas of Gaoligong takin, with a total of about 400 to 450.


The Gaoligong takins are mainly live in Nujiang river, Baoshan area and northern Myanmar. In recent years, people’s awareness of ecological protection has been gradually increased, which results in the habitat of takins being effectively protected and provides safe environment for takins to breed and live.

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