Natural resources report issued by govt



A special report on management of State-owned natural resources was submitted to the ongoing session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee for review on Thursday.

The report showed China has made great achievements on natural resource protection and management over the past five years, and enumerated several new policies on the protection of farmland, nature reserves and water resources.

According to the report released Thursday by Lu Hao, vice-minister of natural resources, forest area in China has surged to 284.12 million hectares over the past decade, making it a greener place with an improved environment.

Other lands, including those for urban and rural construction, mines and transportation, also witnessed expansions over the past decade, based on the third national land resources survey recently released by the ministry.

The report said the ministry will continue efforts to build a protection system for the country's nature reserves with national parks as a major component.

The system is intended to provide protection for natural ecosystems, cultural relics within each region, scenery and biodiversity, and also safeguard the country's environmental security.

In the report, the ministry also revealed it will speed up establishing a national territory spatial plan (2021-35) based on the survey and improve the quality of the country's ecosystems.

It also revealed it will further improve utilization efficiency of natural resources through more scientific management and the promotion of green industry.

Moreover, Lu said the ministry will perfect the country's natural resource management system, clarifying natural resource property rights for better use and protection.

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