Annual gull-watching season in Kunming is just around the corner


On the morning of October 13, more than 500 black-headed gulls had arrived at Dianchi Lake, and other gulls were also on their way to Kunming.

“A total of 115 gulls were spotted on October 9, including 11 brown-headed gulls,” said Wang Zhibin, deputy secretary general of the Kunming Ornithological Association. “The rest were adult gulls, but there were no young gulls, so I think this batch is not the spearhead.”

“I found a group of more than 500 gulls in Caohai on the morning of May 13,” Wang said. “Many of the gulls were far away from the shore, looked like small whit dots. But you can tell they’re black-headed gulls by the near ones. There were young gulls, indicating that this is exactly the spearhead.”

Black-headed gulls are already familiar with the environment of Dianchi Lake. “One thing about gull migration is that they come in groups. When they reach a certain number, they come ashore to feed.” Generally, black-headed gulls arrive at Dianchi in mid-October and start entering the city in early November, ushering in the gull-watching season in Kunming, Wang said.

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