A giant glasses-free 3D screen becomes a popular spot in Kunming

At the corner of Beijing road and Dongfeng East Road, there is a giant glasses-free 3D screen playing biodiversity conservation video, from which people can see some endemic Yunnan species like green peacocks, Asian elephants and golden monkeys, appear to walk out of the screen. This 3D screen has become a popular spot in downtown Kunming, which attracts a large number of citizens and visitors come to take photos every day.




It is learned that this giant screen outside of the Gingko center is the first giant 3D screen in Yunnan, covers an area of 2184 square meters, reached No.3 throughout the nation. With 8k resolution, the screen is able to provide a realistic glasses-free 3D effect to audiences. As a new communication platform first used for COP15 promotion, the screen is demonstrating the achievements of biodiversity conservation Yunnan has made and the content of COP 15 by playing 3D videos and feature films, scrolling posters, and this screen will become a window which shows the unique charm of this spring city to the whole country and even to the world.





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