GLOBALink | Monologue of a golden snub-nosed monkey

Golden snub-nosed monkey is a rare and endangered species unique to China under national first-class protection. Thanks to the joint efforts of all sides, the number of the endangered mammal is on a steady rise. According to the latest statistics, there are 1,471 wild golden snub-nosed monkeys living in Shennongjia National Park, central China's Hubei province. The number was just 501 in the 1980s. Golden snub-nosed monkeys inhabit the forests at an elevation of above 2,000 meters in Shennongjia, a UNESCO World Heritage site which covers 73,318 hectares and hosts a huge variety of plants and wild animals. Let's see how a golden snub-nosed monkey "thinks" about its life in Shennongjia National Park. (Produced by Xinhua Global Service)

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