Kunming has been catapulted into summer

The weather of Kunming has been sunny and hot since April, which boosts the business in electric appliances, ice cream wholesale, summer wear, fruits and so on. 

ELEME’s cold beverage order doubles 

Temperatures in Kunming are around 30℃ recently, and cold drink shops in South Asia Plaza are often packed. 



It can be seen that many customers were queuing up in the crowd cold drink shop Naixue’s Tea in South Asia Plaza, and some take-away deliverymen were waiting for their orders there. “Our sales increase 21.8% compared with last week, and I think this rising trend will go on if temperatures continue to rise,” Ms. Chen, the relevant person in charge of NaiXue’s Tea’s headquarters said. 

These days, Carrefour in South Asia Plaza has discounted ice creams on sale, and some citizens are buying. 


In some ice cream wholesale supermarkets on Jingguang Road of Kunming, citizens were standing in line for charge when the boss were busy restocking the fridge that had sold out of various varieties. 

With the temperature gradually rising in Kunming since the middle of April, take-out orders of cold beverage, fruity mix, red swamp crayfish, salad and milky tea have increased significantly compared with that of last month, according to the data from ELEME Takeout. For instance, the cold beverage order of ELEME more than doubled; crayfish and vegetable orders increased obviously. 


Seasonal fruits are in demand

Walking in the streets of Kunming, you can always meet vendors selling watermelon, mango and other seasonal fruits, as well as customers buying fruits. 


“Because of the hot weather, watermelon sales are good. I can sell 5 to 6 tons every day, and sometimes I can even sell 10 tones of watermelon one day,” Miss. Li said, who is a merchant in Jinmazhengchang wholesale fruit market. 

Mr. Kong, who sells fresh watermelons on Lujia Road, said that he can sell half a car of watermelons a day recently, about 50 to 60. 

About 2 tons of mangos from Yuanjiang, Yuxi are sold every day by Mr. Liu specializing in selling mangoes. 

Sales of sunstroke prevention products increase

“We have launched a festival on promoting air conditioners and fridges, which will last from April 23rd to May 10th. From New Year's Day to April 24, sales of air-conditioning increased 144%,” related person in charge of Gome Electrical Appliances(GOME)said. “Summer arrived early in Kunming this year, and the sales of air fans are expected to skyrocket if the temperature continues to rise.” 

Gao Fei, the Public Affairs Manager of Carrefour in Yunnan, told the reporter that by the end of April, their sales of sunscreen products have increased 30%, parasols 50%, straw and bamboo mats five times and hats threefold. 

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