Five best places to watch birds this summer in Yunnan


[InKunming--YunnanYunnan’s complex ecological environment has provided birds with a great breeding environment, which has created extraordinary bird resources, and has thus become a famous birding resort in China. For birding fans, visiting Yunnan is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy a perfect summer.

Qiaojia county, Zhaotong city: “China’s most beautiful bird” spend summer here 

The Blue-tailed bee-eater is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It is a richly coloured bird which has black eye stripe, yellow and brown throat, blue tail, black beak and green feather. They are shining all over their body with a bright metallic luster under the sun. It is known as one of the “most beautiful birds in China”.


Every summer, in Qiaojia county, birdwatchers have chance to meet with groups of Blue-tailed bee-eater. In recent years, with the improvement of ecological environment, the species has reached more than 30,000 there.

Yingjiang county, Dehong Autonomous Prefecture: “the last paradise for hornbill in China” 

Birds are the most beautiful scenery in Yingjiang county all year round. More than 550 species have been found here. There are five species of hornbill recorded in China , and all of them have been found in Yunnan. 


In the past, hornbill were widely distributed in the south and southwest of Yunnan. However, the overall distribution has been greatly reduced recently. Hornbill can only be found in 13 counties in Yunnan. Yingjiang county is one of them.


The Yingjiang Tongbiguan Nature Reserve and nearby forest provide a stable breeding place for these birds. Visitors are able to see five species of hornbill living here, which are hard to find elsewhere.

Heqing county, Dali city: the largest population of purple swamphen

Caohai, 3 kilometers away from Heqing county of Dali city, has a wetland area of about 133.34 hectares. Thousands of migratory birds flock to the grass for winter every year. 


According to a survey by Yunnan ornithologists, the largest population of purple swamphen in China is kept in the core area of Heqing Caohai wetland, with a total number of more than 500. This kind of bird is predominantly blue and purple. They came here in 2007, and never left since then. 

Gaoligong mountain, Baoshan city: “the five-star birdwatching place in China”


Baihualin village, located in Gaoligong mountain in Baoshan city, is honored as a “five-star birdwatcing place in China”. It is said that 43.3 percent of the total recorded birds in Yunnan has been settled here because of the good environment and rich resources. The ecological protection have attracted more than 300 species of birds to live here. 


Villagers use camouflaged nets to create hidden shooting spots so that birdwatchers can take photos in these professional spots.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Kunming City, fire-tailed sunbird 

Honored as “the No.1 mountain in Yunnan”, Jiaozi snow mountain always leaves an impression of its magnificent view for visitors. Now, it has one more name card, birding place. A total of 62 species of birds have been recorded in the mountain. Birds can be photographed all year round here. 


The length of the fire-tailed sunbird with gorgeous color reaches at 20 centimeters. They are small and exquisite. Bright feathers make them popular in Jiaozi snow mountain. It is the time that chicks learn how to fly. Male birds are “flight coach”, and they have a handsome red feather compared with female birds which are normally gray.

Preparation before bird watching

Actually, birdwatching can be very simple if you have an illustrated handbook, a telescope, and a notebook. In addition, sunshade hats, trousers, sneakers, backpack, light ponchos and other equipment are also necessary. It is best for birdwatchers to wear dark color clothes instead of bright color one, and try to keep quiet while watching.(pics from 云报旅游传媒)

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