Animals in Yunnan Wildlife Park enjoyed Laba Festival

Animals in Yunnan Wildlife Park enjoyed a big lunch before the Laba Festival.

The Festival is the eighth day of the 12th lunar month in China, 20 days before Spring Festival, and this year it fell on January 20. Chinese people often start their preparations for the Spring Festival since this day, and they often eat Laba rice porridge on the same day. 

To welcome the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, staff of Yunnan Wildlife Park prepared nutritious food for animals in the park.  


Two newborn zebras that are less than one month old and their mother were provided with food added with carrots, cabbages, green grass and special feed. The staff hoped the two babies can thrive in the coming new year. 


Red pandas are partial to sweet food, so the staff added honey and apples in their food to give them a sweet Laba Festival. 


Ring-tailed lemurs’ festival lunch consisted of raisins, dates, pistachios and other customized ingredients. They couldn’t help stealing something to eat when the workers were preparing food for them. 


The staff introduced that it is healthier to regularly offer rich and varied food to animals, because it can give them the nutrients they need to grow, and this may help these animals to enter the new year energetically. 

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