Moon cakes sells like hotcakes as Mid-Autumn festival is coming



As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, various kinds of moon cakes have been on the Kunming’s market in large quantities. Besides supermarkets and pastry shops, the beverage stores also launches moon cakes with novel taste and unique packaging.




Yunnan-style moon cakes baked by Jiahua Bakery are popular among Yunnan people all the time. According to the shop assistant, the moon cakes have been on sale since the beginning of August. Because the price of pork has risen this year, the Yunnan ham moon cakes have increased in price for each. “The sales are around 3,000 yuan a day, sometimes up to 4,000 yuan as the buyers has increased recently,” the shop assistant said. There are also some new-style moon cakes popular among young people, such as osmanthus milk cream moon cake which has a milky stuffing, with a light sweet-scented flavor of osmanthus.


Moreover, moon cake customization has become increasingly popular in recent years. Zi Yuan is one of the companies to provide personalized moon cake making service. The person in charge introduced that the average price of a 60g moon cake is 8 yuan, which is not far from the market price and even lower than some moon cakes.




Supermarkets in Kunming have also launched promotional activities to sale moon cakes in preparation for the upcoming festival. “Compared with traditional moon cakes, freshly baked moon cakes priced between 5.5 yuan to 12 yuan, are more tasty and welcomed.” A staff working for Hema Fresh said. There are ham moon cakes, crayfish moon cakes and durian moon cakes. 

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