Only 9 seats for A Bite of Yunnan Mooncake event on Aug. 31

[InKunming--KunmingMid-Autumn Festival traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of Chinese lunar calendar. It is a chance for families to spend time together and eat mooncake.


On the afternoon of August 31 this year, A Bite of Yunnan Mooncake event which is organized by Kunming Information Hub under the framework of Unveiling Yunnan and co-organized by Yunnan Qicai Flower Food Co., Ltd., will kick off in the food factory of Fancy Flowers (花之懿).


Foreigners in Kunming are welcomed to join us. You will not only taste the most Yunnanese flower mooncake, but also have the chance to make your own mooncake. We will also prepare a Chinese Mid-Autumn “meal” for you, which means you will celebrate the festival as what Chinese do, for instance, sing Prelude To Water Melody, write down a personal prayer, and try various flavoured mooncake.

Activity process:


Part 1, DIY Yunnanese mooncake

Ham, flower, egg yolk... You can make it by yourself no matter what kind of mooncake you like. Make a Yunnanese mooncake and celebrate a Yunnanese Mid-Autumn Festival.


Part 2, sing Prelude to Water Melody

Prelude to Water Melody, created by Chinese poet Su Shi, is a traditional Chinese melody to which a poem in the cí style can be sung, including the poet’s imagination and thought about Mid-Autumn Festival, and his joys and sorrows of life. The ancient melodies are lost to history, but modern composers often compose new melodies for it. The song you will hear is a version sung by Faye Wong. 


Part 3, write down a personal prayer

Mid-Autumn Festival is the full moon time of the year. Chinese people believe that the round moon represents reunion. People who are travelling or residing in a place far away from home usually place yearning for home on the moon. For foreigners, you can follow the Chinese traditional customs to write down your prayer to wish a union, a better life or others.


Part 4, blindfolded mooncake tasting

Yunnan has various flavoured mooncake, and the most special one is made of rose petals. Do you have any idea about the one in your mouth? Don’t lost in the foretaste game.


The applying channel is open now until 00:00 am on 30 August, and the first 9 registered can participate in the event for free.

How to apply?

1.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME after the post on Cailong Club.

2.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME after the post on Sina Weibo of Kunming Information Hub (昆明信息港).

3.Search “Kunming Information Hub” on Facebook and apply via the post.

Applying Deadline:

00:00 am, August 30, 2019

Event time:

2:00 pm, August 31, 2019


The 3rd floor, C block, Yunnan Provincial University Science Park, No. 1520 Haiyuan Road Central, Kunming High Tech Industrial Development Zone.

People who can’t participate in this event can follow us on Sina Weibo. We will broadcast the whole process on it. 

Look forward to seeing you!

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