The number of passengers transported by Yunnan railway has exceeded 40 million this year


According to China Railway Kunming Group Co.,Ltd., the total number of passengers sent by Yunnan railway reached 40.046 million between January 1 and December 1, with an average daily number of 120,000, and the annual passenger volume is expected to exceed 43 million.  


The passenger railway transport of Yunnan was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half year, but it gradually recovers as economic and social order has restored in China. 



With an average daily number of 166,100, the railway passenger flow of Yunnan ranked among the top in China during the summer holiday. During the following golden week, 2.199 million passengers were transported in total and as much as 290,200 were transported on October 1, breaking this year's record number of single-day passenger trips. 



In the meantime, Yunnan has promoted the use of real-name electronic train tickets and enrich the variety of box lunch on high-speed trains to improve travel experience of passengers. 

To prevent and control the epidemic, safe distance for queuing has been set up at security checkpoints, ticket offices and the check-in. Staff are always ready to remind passengers to keep a safe distance and wear masks. Public places, like coaches and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected at regular times everyday. 

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